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Pardini K12 légpisztoly

602.250 Ft

Egylövetű professzionális sport légpisztoly cserélhető gáztartállyal.


Leírás és Paraméterek

Introduced in 2012, a single shot air pistol, caliber 4.5 mm (.177) with a detachable cylinder for the sole use of compressed air (up to 250 bar), with the air pressure regulator inside of the pistol frame. Innovative shot recoil elimination system located in the bolt (PARDINI patented). All new, fully-adjustable, two-stage trigger with an easily accessible switch for Dry Fire. Fully adjustable rear sight, variable width of the notch, and adjustable sight radius. Wide choice of interchangeable front sights. Anatomical, adjustable walnut grip, available in various sizes. Custom grips or a copy of an already personalized anatomical grip can be made upon special request in our factory. Precise, reliable and easy to read pressure gauge located on the side of the cylinder for immediate and safe reading of the air pressure in the cylinder. Compensated barrel manufactured entirely by Pardini Armi from special steel and blued individually. The combination of extremely high quality control, both in the construction and assembly phases, and numerous innovative and unique innovations used, give this pistol exceptional consistency, absolute precision and excellent stability during the execution of the shot. The K12 New model comes standard with a removable alloy barrel cover which can be applied up to 10 counterweights (10 in Junior model), 5 grams each.

Calibre: 4,5 mm (.177)
Height: 140 mm
Width: 49 mm
Overal lenght: 415 mm
Total weight: ≃1.040 g
Barrel lenght: 240 mm
Barrel rifiling: 12D x 450 mm
Sight radius: da340 a 385
Adjustment click: 1,8 mm
Grip sizes RH: XS-S-M-L



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