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Pardini FPM 22.lr szabadpisztoly

762.850 Ft

Egylövetű, professzionális .22 Long rifle kaliberű sportpisztoly az 50 méteres olimpiai szabadpisztoly versenyszámhoz.


Leírás és Paraméterek

The micro-metric rear sight and the sight radius are adjustable. Variable width of the notch. A new generation compensator, designed for maximum performance. Pardini System Bolt action - the cartridge is loaded coaxial with the barrel ensuring that the bullet is chambered and aligned perfectly. Anatomical walnut grip available in various adjustable sizes. Custom grips or a copy of an already personalized anatomical grip can be made upon special request in our factory. The new grip angle provides extremely low positioned bore line which together with the compensator and extremely delicate and fully adjustable two stage set trigger allows excellent stability during shooting.

Caliber .22 LR
Height 150 mm
Width 80 mm
Overal length 490 mm
Total weight 1.130 g
Action single shot
Barrel length 280 mm
Barrel rifling 6D x 406 mm
Sight radius from 390 to 425 mm
Adjustment click 8 mm
Grip sizes RH: S-M-L



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